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Pediatric Immature Teratoma

Immature teratoma is a rare tumor that most frequently occurs in the ovary or retroperitoneum. Due to its rarity, there have been no controlled trials, resulting in an undefined and controversial optimal management in children and adolescents. The role of chemotherapy at diagnosis and/or recurrence is disputed. Additionally, adjuvant chemotherapy has not been shown to decrease the risk of relapse in pediatric cohorts. Surgical resection without chemotherapy is therefore recommended for immature teratoma regardless of grade or stage in children and adolescents. However, the risk of relapse has been associated with stage in patients with higher grade tumors. Patterns, risk factors, and treatment options for recurrence are not well characterized. There is a need to understand patterns of relapse as well as the optimal management of immature teratoma that is not fully resectable. This study aims to evaluate diagnostic characteristics, role of chemotherapy, factors influencing risk of recurrence, and outcomes in this rare tumor type.


Study Investigators: Barrie Rich, MD and Deborah Billmire, MD


Contact Chloé Boehmer ( if you have any questions on how your site can participate in this study.

Immature teratoma of the ovary.


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