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Young surgery team in the operating room

Pediatric Surgical Oncology Research Collaborative

Working together to improve surgical outcomes for children, adolescents and young adults with cancer through multi-institutional collaborative investigation

We are a group of pediatric surgeons who are passionate about improving the surgical care of children with cancer

Unfortunately, nearly 1 out of every 6000 children and adolescents will develop cancer.  While a number of national and international organizations are committed to advancing the care of these children, their primary focus is on optimizing and improving chemotherapy regimens.  However, the care of most children with cancer is multi-modal, with surgery and/or radiation therapy playing an important role alongside chemotherapy.  By combining efforts from dozens of major pediatric institutions across North America, the Pediatric Surgical Oncology Research Collaborative is hoping to resolve key unanswered questions related to the surgical care of these children, and in doing so, improve both their oncologic outcomes and quality of life.  

Our Members

PSORC is a multi-institutional consortium of 47 North American institutions with pediatric surgeons dedicated to the surgical care of children with cancer

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Current Studies

View our slate of current studies investigating key topics in surgical oncology

Doctor Taking Notes

Our group has an established record of high impact presentations and publications

Get In Touch

We are always looking for new member institutions. Click here to learn more about joining.

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