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Rare Pediatric Renal Tumors

The majority of pediatric renal tumors are Wilms Tumor (85%) and renal cell carcinoma (5-10%). The body of literature describing the other more rare pediatric renal tumors is currently limited. Rare renal malignancies in the pediatric population include renal medullary carcinoma, malignant rhabdoid tumor, clear cell sarcoma of the kidney, Ewing’s sarcoma of the kidney, and the cellular variant of congenital mesoblastic nephroma (i.e., infantile fibrosarcoma), among others. These more rare renal tumors remain poorly characterized due to the small number of cases. Several non-Wilms, non-RCC renal tumors are associated with a substantially higher mortality rate. The principal aim of this study is to aggregate data from the existing population of patients diagnosed between 2000-2022 with non-Wilms, non-RCC pediatric renal tumors to delineate the typical clinical presentation, treatments, and outcomes of these more rare renal neoplasms. This study will help inform clinical care for patients diagnosed with these rare tumors in the future and may additionally lay the groundwork for a future prospective patient registry. Three studies will emerge, analyzing: 1) renal medullary carcinoma; 2) rhabdoid tumor of the kidney; and 3) renal sarcomas.

Study PIs: Elisabeth Tracy (, Harold Lovvorn (, Marcus Malek (

Contact Chloe Boehmer ( if you have questions on how your site can participate in this study.


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